Here’s How Damaged Roofing and Siding in NJ Can Let Pests Into Your Home

Nobody wants a damaged home, but construction services in NJ can be expensive! Here’s another reason to fix damaged roofing and siding soon: pests can get into your home through this damage! Keep reading for tips from NJ’s construction experts on keeping your home in good shape, and keeping the pests out!

Damaged Roofing and Siding Lets Insects Inside
If your roofing or siding has suffered damage, the worst may still be to come! A variety of bugs and insects, including carpenter bees, ants, and termites, love to use any chance they get to infest a structure. Since these bugs in particular love to burrow deep into wood and other organic materials, they will start with a small spot in the exterior and continue to tunnel deep into the inside, potentially creating the risk for mold, mildew, and structural instability. If your roof or siding has been damaged, call a construction team in NJ immediately to get it repaired.

Repair Your Roof in NJ To Prevent Rodent Visits
Don’t mind the small stuff? What about rodents? Mice, squirrels, and rats are opportunistic little critters that are always looking for a new place to nest. If your roof has been damaged, especially if shingles have come loose or been detached, don’t be surprised if you hear scratching behind the walls or in the attic! Unfortunately for the wildlife, these animals typically end up trapped and perishing behind the walls—leaving you with guilt and a nasty odor. Close the entrances when you schedule roof repairs with NJ’s top roofing team.

Roofing Companies in NJ Help Deter Bird Damage
Birds don’t typically intrude into your home, but they damage your roof nonetheless. Some birds peck, others build nests that rot away your roofing materials or chimney when they are abandoned at the end of the season, and most have very acid excretions—otherwise known as bird poop! Birds can even get stuck in your gutters. If you notice that birds keep nesting on your roof year after year, contact a roofing company in NJ to remove them and install deterrants.
Our team of construction professionals at Build Quality Construction in NJ loves nature’s animals, but not when they end up in homes. Maintaining your home’s roof and siding keeps the animals outside where they can live happily.

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